Welcome to Carry Concealed Classes

When should I use deadly force? What's the best gun to carry?
Can I take my gun on vacation? How do I clean my gun? We teach this and more in our class.  You will take an "Open Book" test at the end of the course, and you'll shoot from 7 yards.

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EMAIL: TomStratton@twc.com
You can have the website and I will host it for you at no charge 
I will teach you how to build and change this site

Everyone must bring:
(1) A Photo ID, you must be 21

(2) A handgun, if you don't have one we will provide one.

(3) Bring 50 rounds of ammo (no re-loads)
(4) A gun cleaning kit. 

All of our shooting is done indoors. We offer discreet private group CCDW classes, beginners firearms training classes, private security classes for your business, womens, seniors, and split day classes.

If you are a CCDW Instructor click here to  register yourself and post your class schedule. 

If you would like information on Kentucky Carry Conceal Laws click here

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